About us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Who We Are.

For more than 8 years of experience, Middle East Company, both branches in Malaysia and China, has been working in the field of import, export and business consultants.

Our Mission.

Is to fulfill the clients' import and export orders professionally and raise up their investment returns; through providing the best services, being updated with all their needs, and provide them with helpful feedback. Also, for people who want to run a business, we do consultant studies of the project's requirements from A to Z.

Our Aspirations.

Are to be the leaders in the field of import and export in the Middle East and gain the clients' trust. We hope to meet the clients' requirements through being committed to the ethics of business and the service quality standards.

CEO & Co-Founder

Mahmoud Zarora

Mahmoud Zaaroura, BA in Business Administration, is the Co-founder & CEO of Middle East Company.

Since 2003, Mahmoud Zaaroura, BA in Business Administration, started management and marketing business in Lebanon. In 2012, Zaaroura ran the first branch of Middle East Company for import and export in Malaysia. In 2013, Zaaroura opened the company's second branch in China.

"We hope to meet our customers' expectations and open up new horizons for the trade with China, Malaysia, Vietnam, as well as Asian countries." Says Mr, Zaaroura.

Middle East Company now has many clients in various countries in the Middle East, including Arab countries; especially the Arabian Gulf countries, in addition to Canada, Australia and America.